• UltraDream – Full Spectrum Sleep Support 1 oz (30mL) CBD Oil

UltraDream – Full Spectrum Sleep Support 1 oz (30mL)

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UltraDream is a blend of natural sleep aids like GABA and melatonin and our proprietary Mimetix formula of ingredients. Using UltraCell technology, UltraDream is water-soluble for maximum bioavilability and helps support gentle and restful sleep.

Full Spectrum Sleep Support

• Infused with Mimetix

• ECS-based sleep support

• Deep, rejuvenating, restful sleep

Zillis Ultra Dream Full Spectrum Sleep Support, 30 mL (1 oz)


  1. Julie Reece

    I LOVE this product. It’s by far my favorite. I can fall asleep within 15 minutes and actually stay asleep all night without the tossing and turning and mind racing. Highly recommend this for people who have trouble falling/staying asleep.

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